The company specializes in solving issues of testing the psychological and physiological state of employees

The company specializes in solving issues of testing the psychological and physiological state of employees using an expert knowledge base and a neural network.

Recruitment solution for a regional distribution network

The trading network consists of 200 stores:

  • High turnover among cashiers.
  • Conflicts with customers and store management.
  • Theft of goods and shortages.

What are the results of HR Kontrol?

  • All in-house salespeople interviewed HR Kontrol.
  • Interview with HR Kontrol was completed by all job applicants.
  • The system recommended suitable applicants, 80% of whom were hired as cashiers.
  • Retail chain revenue up 6%.
  • Church has dropped to 4% from 15%.
  • Theft has been reduced to 1%.

Changing the format of employment and transferring employees to remote work creates, in addition to benefits, problems for management in managing employees. One of these problems is the inability to control the state of the employee. At the same time, control should be carried out to ensure the involvement of the employee in the production processes and ensure the quality of the task performed by the employee. If earlier the manager could control the state of the employee in person, now this possibility is not available, and even if the manager personally contacts each employee, it will take a lot of time to talk and understand the state of each employee. At the same time, the manager needs to control not only the general condition of the employee working remotely, but also the ability to make decisions and be in a normal physical and mental shape. Research conducted by psychologists in 2020 shows that changing the format of employment has revealed new psychological problems among workers who work remotely. Such problems include burnout at work, a shift in the daily routine, the use of alcohol and psychoactive drugs during working hours, working while hungover, and other deviant forms of behavior. Identifying deviant behavior requires professional medical training that is not available to most managers. The project team is developing a service based on the technology of using neural networks in the analysis of video and audio data and expert systems that form conclusions based on the collected data. The service will be able to simultaneously test thousands of employees, drawing the attention of managers to employees with deviations in behavior. A similar service can also be used to test taxi drivers, vehicle drivers, security guards, couriers and other professions working in a place remote from managers.

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The Infoprom company specializes in testing the psychological and physiological state of employees using video controls.


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